Dream Diary

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dream about playing pokemon ORANGE: also set in ancient japan like Pokemon Arceus. the beginning area had overleved gardevoirs and blisseys. There was a man who's wife and child had died. He was half starved and had a suicide letter by his bed. I remember wondering how they let that into a kid's game. Had another dream about having a gf who could turn into a giant boar man

a dream about hanging out at a chinese shopping mall with a group of fashionable friends at night. i got a new dress there and stranger were complimneting me about how cute my outfit is. there was also a protest about less homework and we joined in. there was music playing over the speakers and we'd sing along. Everything had a very christmas-y feel.

A dream about having a boyfriend and playing "elden ring" with him and a group of friends. elden ring isnt like how it is in reality, its a vr game about fighting enemies in a bunch of corridors.stairs, hallways, etc. the enemies i remember most are rabbit eared people that looked kind of cool. It had kind of a sci-fi dystopian feel, with everyone wearing tech wear. if u were hit by the rabbits too many times, you become one yourself. i remember i found out i can see how many hit points i have left by looking at how many segments were in my braid, so i cut my hair off using a stranger's knife in one of the rooms where all the players gathered.

first dream was about superheroes. second dream was about becoming friends with two girls at a plant store. one of them had a hard to pronounce name that sounded french and teased me for not being able to pronounce it. I clicked with them immediently and they felt like my best friends.

had a dream i went apple picking with a class. ariel had orange hair. it was a big open field with mountains, and they told us a dragon lived there. My classmates all collected into different groups trying to get to the dragon, and we would fight bosses in this giant mob. I had a staff and was too afraid to get close.

had a dream i was trying desperately to get to my room at humber residence, the building had like 20 stories and had some crazy shit like elevators and restaurants and omfg i forgot robert pattison was there at a Japanese restaurant tucked away in this food court place. I found my room and then iris came to live with me and met brendee. Morgan was there too

extremely vivid dream time part 1: fun animal crossing beautiful island me, leo, iris and mom to a beautiful place with gardens and chickens. everything is very beautiful, like a studio ghibli movie. There was a picturesque red barn with ivy growing on it that looked a bit like a place where we went berry picking once. Another place I remember was a gazebo by the sea.

part 2: beelzebub's gorey prison tower
im in a vr game checking out a mansion i built, which has gotten really popular with visitors. while there i see 2 guys cloaked in black with chainmail and im a little scared but then they bow down at me out of respect so nvm theyre cool. Later, when im done looking around, i return to the entrance and i see one of the guys again. for some reason i ask him if hes lucifer and hes like "yes". the dream then exits my perspective, and narration tells me that villagers near the mansion try to flood it, so beelzebub builds the mansion up to infinity. as the rest of the world becomes uninhabitable, everyone slowly goes to the tower on their own. the movie begins with the last man on earth who goes to the tower.
the tower, which used to be a beautiful mansion with wine red walls and dark wood, is now bleak and made up of hallways lined with doors leading to everyones living quarters (has a kitchen and living room, but vertically small with no windows. think a nice prison cell).
people who live in the tower always descend into mindless violence, so the place is almost entirely empty, but the few people the last man does find become part of their team. One of them looks like spencer from icarly and hes an asshole.
They meet lucifer, an immortal guy with a 3rd eye and blond hair in a ponytail. near the end, the observer is introduced, who has grudge-girl hair and created the tower so i presume is me. im trying to look for a peaceful place to live in a room thats not been taken, and a ~12 year old boy whos trying to clean up the hallways tells me.
the end has us looking for the boy, and see someone get tortured through the circular window of a blast door. we presume its the boy, so i get really sad, but nope its lucifer and he pops out fine bc hes immortal.
the very very last scene shows the future of the tower, where a bunch of people naked cramped in bars that are like an animal pen, open at the top. they then start attacking the other pens using spears. the thing is the future of the tower isn't any different.
the dream ends with me ending the "movie" and looking around to see im at the beautiful island vacation with my family. everyone left watching the movie but i didn't notice because i was so focused, but it turns out leo didn't leave and when i asked him if he was scared he said "a little" and i felt so bad about letting him watch that.

I was at a waterpark with Disco Elysium and Dangan Ronpa characters. I've never played either of these games. i did this parkour obstracle water course in record time, but when i reached the end, i got in trouble for doing it without a life jacket because i couldnt swim and also i didnt sign up. I did the whole thing by just walking at the bottom of the pool when I needed tol. I got mad at them for getting mad at me even though no one stopped me from doing it and i didnt know you had to sign up. Im always a lot more angry in my dreams for some reason

I had a dream I was in a class to catch Pokémon. The Pokémon I had was an electric dark weasel. A homeless guy told me to eat dirt so I did it. We went to Taylor evans for a reunion class but also iris was there.

Orphans who reincardnated and temember all their past lives and are pissed that they hav to live again
“Ring around the posey and again and again and again and again and again”
Going downtown w iris
The way there way like a long hallway of different locations
While trying to get back I kept getting stuck in different scenarios
Living in 200 dollar apartment in Toronto with 6 ppl including Bella iris
Downtown is a like a long hallway of galleries and shops
I go downtown at night and it’s full of cool monsters dressed in like masquerade clothes
I dress like a cat with a fake sack head on top and steal a piece made of tiny fabric nice to sell and afford an apartment
When I first came in I heard someone call a hallway the vicious hallway and then the peaceful one
Go down the hallway and the narration starts roasting the fuck out of me for running away
Suddenly all the monsters turn to me and start chasing me
I go to the elevator but when it starts going up it stops and go down again
I remember the narration and decide to go back and start beating the shit out of the monsters
Eventually I look around and see a door slightly open with a star going in
I exit to the city